1) Social support helps to overcome barriers.

To a lot of people exercise can be boring, uncomfortable or too expensive. They may not like being sweaty, they may not find it enjoyable and it may take up too much time.

If people have this mindset – which they will soon change – the one thing they can look forward to is seeing YOU – THEIR mate.

Scientific Research in sleep & insomnia has shown that social support and exercise can improve sleep quality and insomnia by relaxing your MIND and BODY as well as the ability to promote and retain creative and active ideas as well as long term memory.

This in turn can help to increase PRODUCTIVITY in the workplace through better COMMUNICATION and being a better TEAM player. 

Random acts of KINDNESS and exercise have been associated with high levels of SELF-NOURISHMENT and the ability to be MINDFUL.

This highlights it is just as important for you to provide your support YOUR mate during exercise as it is for them to support YOU.

2) A greater social network leads to greater support levels


When you are under stress or in adverse situations who do you most likely speak to for reassurance? Friends, family and partners correct? 

However, support doesn’t just come from them – it also comes from our whole network of indirect social interactions.

Each person in our social network can provide something uniquely different in this supportive framework:

– 1. Emotional Support comes from:

Affection, love, feeling, empathising, hugs, hands on the back and most likely comes from close friends.

– 2. Esteem Support comes from: 

Expression of CONFIDENCE and ENCOURAGEMENT: Having people actually believe in you, your abilities and what you can achieve gives you confidence and belief.

– 3. Information support: 

The ability to share information and give advice can come from close or distant friends. It enhances KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS.

– 4. Tangible support: 

The ability to pass your responsibility on to others to deal with your problems.

i.e. service: lunch dates, committing to Personal Training 😛 , financial advice & job opportunities.

– 5. Companionship: The most important:

A sense of social BELONGING,a sense of MATESHIP whilst engaging in activity:
being involved with friends, families, partners, community and mostly a group of different people from a web around you that provide a variety of conversations.

Supportive people tend to live longer, have higher productivity and inocculate life stresses.

And Lastly…

3. Laughter increases joy and decreases stress.

Laughing can create a feeling of JOY and EUPHORIA, the second that someone stops you from laughing they are actually preventing you from releasing your stress.

By laughing- a stress hormone – cortisol – decreases and is replaced with a good and relaxing feeling caused from endorphins.

This is caused by the stimulation of blood which can reduce stress symptoms such as IRRITABILITY and ANXIETY. It has been shown that laughing for at least 15 minutes per day can lower blood pressure and decrease heart disease.

Regular laughter can boost weak immune systems by increasing T-Cells (white blood cell) in the blood to fight off infections and even long-term chronic diseases such as cancer.

It simply works as a natural reliever of pain to cause a ‘natural high. A study published by the Journal of Holistic Nursing reported that those who were told jokes after surgery, had a perception for less pain that those who did not. 

Overall, laughing will IMPROVE YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: if you can make people laugh and like hearing people laugh you will likely have more friends.

 READ Shane’s testimonial to see the positive impact of social health on his life.


“Hi there,
I have been training with the Mates crew for just over a year now and while I have made improvements physically over this time, the real area the team from TWM, and Dan especially have helped me with the most is my mental health. Prior to TWM any social event, large or small more often then not I would find myself feeling almost paralyzed with anxiety and nervousness, until I would eventually break down and felt the need to leave. Without Dan and TWM I wouldn’t be in the shape I am today both physically and mentally and for that I owe him and the team a great deal!

” – Shane Hamill.

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