Everyone has heard it before…


Most people understand that it is extremely important to have breakfast and that skipping it is a bad decision to make.

However, what if you are actually turning the most IMPORTANT meal of the day into a mood destructing, sugar craving and fat storing meal without even knowing it? Because if you are eating carbohydrates first thing… this is what you are doing.

Let me ask two questions:


Most people would answer mum or dad… ok so who taught them how to eat?
There mum and dad…. this cycle continues.


As a child we naturally get given the most convenient foods to eat and get brought up to think that what we all think are good choices to have…. toast and cereal right?

Eating Carbohydrates instantly upon waking effects key hormones such as dopamine, insulin and cortisol, it prevents you from feeling fuller for longer and it has a correlation with excess body fat storage.

I am going to explain this and also suggest some healthy alternative options.


When you wake up in the morning you are in what we call a ‘catabolic state’. This means that the body has excess cortisone (stress hormone) levels and the body is depleted in specific and important nutrients.

Cortisol levels are BAD, BAD, BAD and have a strong correlation with increasing blood sugar levels to face whatever stressors you are going to face that day. When cortisone is high – excess body fat storage occurs.

You may feel good straight after eating carbohydrates….. BUT this is purely because a spike in glucose spikes a large increase in dopamine. However – dopamine levels aren’t a never ending supply and will run dry quickly.

The opposite of catabolic is anabolic and this is what we need to build the body back up. Evidence has shown that the affects of amino acids (broken down from of protein) reduce cortisol, promote the growth hormone release and causes dopamine to be progressively released throughout the morning bringing us into an anabolic state so that you won’t experience the mid morning drop.

Dopamine is the main brain chemical responsible for positive motivation, mood, sleep, learning, focus, motor control and working memory.

When dopamine levels are low it can also lead to poor choices to promote higher energy levels again. You may use sugar, caffeine or nicotine as a quick fix to temporarily feel more alive.





Remove the Carbohydrates and add the good fats to your protein based meal.


Fats simply, make you feel fuller for longer and therefore don’t promote snacking or making poor food choices that prevent you from indulging in nutrient rich meals throughout the day.

If you eat fats at breakfast you’re more likely to burn the concentrated energy source over the length of the day.

A study from 2010 published in the International Journal of Obesity examined the effect of different types of foods and timing of intake on the development of metabolic syndrome characteristics.

It concludes that, “eating dietary fat in the morning is better metabolically because the enzymes are most active when you wake up and least active at the end of the day.”

Put simply,  the first meal you have in the morning will set you up for the rest of the day. So, eat fat and you will most likely be burning fat throughout the day!

Skip the “low-fat” foods and schedule some healthy fats into your daily meals



When Cortisol is high in the morning – Insulin is also high – combine this with a spike in blood glucose form Carbohydrates and your insulin levels will sky rocket in order to remove the glucose in the blood. When insulin can’t restore balance in the blood it sends a message to the liver to store the glucose elsewhere (stores as body fat – adipose tissue)

So what does that mean when your insulin levels are high?

Insulin makes you gain weight.  The more insulin you produce, the more body fat you gain.  It almost doesn’t matter how much you eat or how much you try to exercise.  The body fat just keeps coming on.

Not only does insulin tell your blood glucose to store as adipose tissue but it also tells your liver to stop breaking down the fat previously stored.

It really is a lose-lose situation.

** Please note the only time we approve of carbohydrates in the morning is if you have completed an early morning workout as carbs post workout are encouraged! **


1. Choose foods rich in protein
(eggs, meat or amino acids formulas/shakes)

2. Choose fats rich in poly and mono unsaturated fats
(avocado, nuts, butter or coconut or olive oil).

3. Add pink himalayan rock salt, apple cider vinegar and lemon to detoxify your liver prior to eating.

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Daniel Maitland

Owner, Strength & Conditioning Coach