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Nutrition plays a massive role in whatever your health and fitness goals are.  We don’t believe in calorie counting or any diet fads but we do believe in fueling your body with the right nutrients to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and to give you sustainable energy throughout the day!


We believe our training is unique. We combine fat loss, mass gain or athletics performance in our program which is proven to get results. We make training interesting, challenging and fun to keep you motivated – the way training should be! Best of all your MATES will never let you down with their support.


We have tools in place to help clients achieve their goals and track their progress. We do this to ensure that their health and fitness goals are more of a lifestyle change so that you can still enjoy all the good things in life! We believe objective measures to track results is also important.

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What People Are Saying About TWM

I started TWM a couple of years ago and it has been a massive help for me especially in my off-season. I came to TWM because of the professionalism in which the sessions are run. The equipment is first class and there is nothing better than training with your mates. I highly recommend TWM for anyone out there wanting to make a change!

Mitch Brown – AFL Player, Essendon FC

What People Are Saying About TWM

I started at TWM about 2 years ago. I have been doing the girls group sessions and love it so much! The trainers are always happy and having a laugh with the clients, but at the same time are extremely hard-working, motivating and always pushing you to achieve your goals. I feel so much fitter, healthier and happier since starting TWM and couldn’t rate it higher.
– Georgia Quinn

What People Are Saying About TWM

The training program is unique and diverse and always keeps you motivated to improve. During training sessions team at TWM is always positive and encouraging which makes for a fun and engaging environment. I highly recommend the tailor made programs which will see you reach your fitness goals
– Gareth Snow

What People Are Saying About TWM

The coaches at TWM specially tailored exercises to suit my personal shoulder need with such care and skill that I quickly begun to regain confidence and self esteem towards strength training. I not only feel better, but now have a far more informed understanding of food and exercises whilst importantly maintaining the over arching value of a happy and balanced lifestyle.
– Amanda McDermott

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Download Your FREE Meal Recipe Booklet!


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