How do I sign up to a TWM training session?
  • 1. Download the App ‘Mindbody'.
  • 2. Create an account.
  • 3. Search TrainingwithMates via the ‘Explore’ tab.
  • 4. Click ‘View Schedule.’
  • 5. Click ‘Book’ into your desired class. Please ignore the payment prompt!
  • Alternatively give us a call or an email and we can book you in
  • Remember – you are entitled to a FREE first session!

How much does a TWM session cost?
  • We have a number of different options available that we would rather explain over the phone.
  • If you are new to TWM – we highly recommend our 4 week intro deal for $149 which will allow you to try everything!
  • Following on from this we have 12 or 24 session packages for both strength and met con available, as well as 3/6/12 month unlimited classes options.
  • All of our private and 2v1 sessions are for a minimum period of 12-week sign-ups. We have different prices for 45 or 60 minute sessions.

How do you structure you strength sessions?
  • We create a 3 month ‘Macrocycle’ at the start of each quarter. These ‘Macrocycles’ are split into 3 x 1 month ‘Micro-cycles’ where each has a main goal of strength, hypertrophy or endurance as an example! We progressively overload these programs accordingly. Beginners will always start with our Basic General Preparation Phase (GPP) Program. These are generalised programs but we can easily modify the programs to suit any specific goals or limitation that you may have. We most commonly have 1 x upper, lower and full-body strength session we encourage you to complete per week.

I’m worried about my fitness level – how do you cater for beginners?
  • As mentioned above – we have a GPP program that allows you to start at a basic and controlled level. We recommend starting with strength sessions prior to met-con if you are a grade 1 newbie! This will allow you to better understand the movement patterns involved in exercise at a slower pace! However, if cardio and fat loss is your main goal and you really want to focus on our Met-Con classes – then we just modify the program for you accordingly, encourage you to take longer rest periods and only ask you to do things that you are comfortable with. Don’t worry – our team are ultra professionals and have had hundreds of beginners before.

What are your COVID SAFE plans?
  • We have high levels of cleaning and hygiene throughout classes.
  • We have 15 minute gaps between classes to allow for changeover of clients and cleaning.
  • We have multiple hand sanitisers and wipes to clean equipment.
  • Our sessions are planned to minimise equipment cross-over.
  • Our session numbers are capped to VicGov guidelines.
  • We are doing everything we possibly can to make TWM the safest gym in your area.

Can I do the next challenge?
  • Absolutely you can! Generally the earlier you sign up to the challenge, the cheaper the price. Challenges are always 8 weeks and they are fantastic for beginners or for someone who needs a training kickstart. They are an introductory program meaning you can only do them once – unless you manage to rope a mate along to the next one (which we always recommend). Stay tuned on social media to see when our next challenge is kicking off or check our services page. We aim to have a challenge every quarter! They are fun, competitive if you want them to be and give you a great opportunity to learn, create positive life-long habits and achieve fantastic results.

Do your classes book out? What are your class sizes?
  • Yes, they do! But, only during our peak times of the year. Our bookings are on a first in, best dressed service which highlights the importance of planning your sessions! Generally, we always have spots available in sessions before or after the one that is booked out so we can manage to get you in. 🙂 Strength Sessions Max = 12 people. Met-Con Sessions Max = 25 people. We unfortunately have to cancel sessions when there are less than 3 people booked into classes which is rare! We will always give you enough notice if we have to do this!

How do your 2v1’s work?
  • You simply get the private service for half of the price! It is a pretty awesome deal PLUS you get to train with one of your BEST MATES!!!! How bloody good!!!

Should I do Met Con or Strength?
  • This is a great question and to one that there is no right answer. It really depends on your training history, goals and availability to attend sessions. It is fundamentally important for every human being to be strong for reasons including injury prevention, posture and bone density – so we always recommend everyone to do at least 1-2 strength sessions per week and then complete your week with additional Met-Cons. If your main goal is putting on size and strength then prioritise Strength classes. Alternatively, if you are a sweat-head and simply love getting the heart rate up and improving your cardio & endurance then Met-Con is for you. See more info in point 4 for beginners.

How many times / week should I train?
  • Those that have a greater training history can afford to train more regularly. Those that are new should only do up to 3 sessions per week to start with and ensure that there is one days rest in between sessions. We always encourage everyone to aim for 3-4 sessions per week plus incidental activity outside of the gym. If you're experienced then aim for 5, with rest days in between. Training 6+ days per week is not highly recommended unless you have been individually approved for certain reasons by TWM coaches.

Cancellation Fees
  • We always give you an initial warning for late cancellation, however if you cancel a session less than 1 hour before a class or less than 2 hours before a private session then we unfortunately have to charge a $15 cancellation fee. This is due to the inconvenience that occurs for coaches who have planned sessions, schedules, times and clients around your attendance. Furthermore, often someone else has missed out on a training opportunity.
  • 9A Beach Ave, Mordialloc