Our Journey So Far…


TWM began in 2012 at the Sandringham Football Club change rooms gym!

Owner, Dan Maitland, followed his passion for heath, fitness and helping others and began training some of his good friends to help them to achieve their health and fitness goals and to increase their self-confidence.

Dan was studying Exercise and Sports Science at the time and, really enjoyed seeing the positive physical results that came from the theory he was learning.


He decided to call the business TRAININGWITHMAITS – as at this stage he was the sole trainer and everyone he trained was his mate (this is still the case)!

Dan is incredibly grateful for the people that put their initial trust in him to help them which also got the business off the ground – Rach Slatter, Darcy Brown x 2, Bonnie Molloy, Hannah Sallows, Nikki Rastas, Mark Gledhill, Emma Ransom, Brad Norton, Gareth Snow, Lucas Blatman, Tim Speer & many, many more

– Thank you 🙏

With minimal equipment and very little business sense, TWM’s reputation for achieving incredible results — whilst having a great time — began to grow.

Due to such high demand and limited training times, Dan thought it would be a great idea to put people of similar levels into groups. Not only did this make it more enjoyable for everyone, it was more affordable, full of fun and banter, competitive — here is when the TWM brand really began to grow.

Dan ran multiple boys and girls semi-private group sessions, morning and night, 6 days a week and our reputation and results grew.

Dan is extremely grateful for the Sandringham Football Club for the support they gave him by means of access to their facilities during this time.



In 2014, after volunteering time at Mentone Grammar and coaching some of their sporting teams, TWM got given an opportunity to utilise the school’s gym and run their strength & conditioning program. 

This allowed TWM to take the next big step. Now with a team of 3 coaches, we began to participate in a lot of educational courses, business coaching and began putting together 8 and 12-week challenges.

We made the huge change (not really) from TrainingwithMaits to TRAININGWITHMATES! This created so much hype around the gym allowing us to network with so many different people from all over Melbourne and invest in more education and equipment to ultimately improve our training. We are forever grateful for the opportunity that Mentone provided us during this time. 



In 2015, we decided it was time to take the plunge and create our own space! After 3 months of renovations – 13 Mills street Cheltenham became the new stomping ground for TWM and 5 years later we have never looked back!

The amount of support we had during this time was phenomenal. Dan’s sister was unwell during the whole period of renovations and he will always be grateful for the people who helped him and his family during this difficult time. The power of the TWM community was forever building and this was epitomised during such a trying time.

Since opening, we have had many changes and have learnt a hell of a lot.

Running a business is no easy feat and Dan has definitely had highs and lows along the way.

We have had over 1500 people train with TWM, have worked with over 10 sporting clubs & 10 schools.

We have had multiple sessions with teams, corporates and families.

We have had professional athletes through to body building competitors and everyday people alike.

We have run over 30 challenges and over 15 fundraisers.

We have had cancer survivorship.

We have run programs for kids and special-needs groups.

We are passionate about learning & creating the best results for our clients and most of all improving everyone’s health, fitness, lifestyle, performance and overall happiness.


Thank you to all of the TWM team that have come and gone – Jack, Mark, Jem, Alex, Liam, Taylor, Emile & Josh – we couldn’t have gotten anywhere without you all and you will always be a part of the TWM family.

To all of our clients, past, current and future – thank you. -Rarely do we ever have issues and the caliber of people we attract at the gym is always incredibly high. And so supportive.

Lastly from Dan – to my family and my beautiful fiancée Madi – your support, care and motivation has been endless and TWM would not be here if it weren’t for all of your guidance – thank you. 

There is not much more you need in life than your health and social connection and we try to enhance this everyday for our clients. 

So, what’s next??? Better processes, better results, more fun and more benefits for our community. 

…a bigger space would be nice too 😉 


On August 20, 2022 we opened the doors to our new facility in Mordialloc. 3 x the size of our previous gym, with new equipment and fresh ideas. We are excited for what the future holds. We set this place up in 2 weeks and are very grateful for those who made it possible.


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