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                              Daniel Maitland (owner)

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                              Daniel Maitland

                              Daniel Maitland

                              Owner | Exercise Scientist | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer

                              Dan has always had an active lifestyle, full of team-oriented sports and fitness as both an athlete and coach. He has a huge passion for Australian Football, Functional Strength training, Sports specific conditioning and rehabilitation – as well as creating a sustainable,  healthy and well-balanced lifestyle for clients.

                              Dan takes great pride in developing and maintaining new and long-term social support & camaraderie through community events and ongoing supportive training strategies. Dan aims to improve all TWM community members by enhancing their physical and social health by educating them about the pillars of living a healthy lifestyle.

                              Dan has worked at a number of sporting clubs in  S & C Roles including St Bedes Mentone FC, Southern Saints Netball Club, Highett FC, Old Mentonians FC, Sandrigham Dragons & Zebras


                              • Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science.
                              • Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
                              • 12-month internship at Enterprise Fitness Internships: Mark Ottobre, Andre Benoit, Bob Guiel, Andrew Lock
                              • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
                              • Certificate 3 & 4 in Sport (Career Orientated)
                              • Certificate 3 & 4 Level 1 TPI
                              • Level 1 Australian Weight Lifting Federation
                              • Level 1 Clean Health Institute Performance Nutrition Coach
                              • Dan was awarded Kingston’s Citizen of The Year in 2020.
                              Liam Coghlan

                              Liam Coghlan

                              Exercise Physiologist | Gym Manager | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer

                              Liam ‘Cogs’ Coghlan is a wealth of knowledge who utilises the most up to date unique and quirky ways of training people to enhance their mobility, fitness and overall health. ‘Cogs’ loves Strength & Conditioning – having worked with many teams and loves helping clients with their lifestyle & performance results.

                              Growing up in the local Bayside areal, Coggs main sports have been AFL, Surfing, Running and Basketball. He takes a great interest in working with junior athletes, general population clients and working with clients experiencing chronic conditions and pain.

                              Coggs has a constant want to improve  himself and those around him and shows a great amount of potential for the future in the industry. He is a team player, a wonderful human being and always seems to put a smile on your face.


                              • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology
                              • Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science.
                              • Multiple PD’s in a wide range of Exercise Physiology  and sports performance topics. 
                              Emile Tait

                              Emile Tait

                              Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer|

                              ET is currently studying Exercise and Sport science at Deakin Uni and is majoring in Strength & Conditioning and Exercise Physiology.

                              ET is completing cert 3/4 and AHA qualifications at Exercise Research Australia. ET has a wide array of experience in multiple sports including footy, cricket and golf. He has also coached in some of these sports.

                              He is a wonderful person, who values lifestyle, performance, education and spending quality time with his mates and family.

                              ET has spent a lot of time at TWM as a client and been mentored by Taylor !!! We are pumped to have you on board Taity and are excited for what you’re going to bring.
                              • Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science student.
                              • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness AHA
                              • Ian King Level 1 Applied Sports Science
                              Sarah Mathews

                              Sarah Mathews

                              Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer

                              Sarah is currently completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Applied Science and has recently completed her certificate 3&4 in fitness!

                              Sarah has spent the past few years playing at a very high level for the Southern Saints in the Victorian Netball League. Sarah is a gun athlete having participated in many sports growing up – particularly as a sprinter in surf life saving! Sez has had lots of hands on experience coaching in netball and other sports where she has learnt many unique skills that she can bring across to twm clients – as well as bringing a bloody fantastic character and attitude!

                              She has a strong passion for Health & Fitness, Sports Performance, Quality movement & mobility as well as helping others. She is rearing to begin her career in the industry.


                              • Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Applied Science.
                              • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
                                 Amelia Brooks

                                Amelia Brooks

                                Exercise Scientist | Personal Trainer

                                Amelia has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science @ LA TROBE UNI and is currently completing her Masters of Physiotherapy.
                                Amelia has spent the past few years working in the fitness industry at GESAC and various other gyms.
                                She has a strong passion for Health & Fitness, Quality movement & mobility as well as helping others. She has a background in many different sports but has an extensive passion for Calisthenics.
                                AB has been around TWM for a number of years now and is a wonderful person with a great attitude! She can’t wait to learn, develop and get some fantastic results for our TWM Community!


                                • Masters of Physiotherapy (studying)
                                • Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science

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