“TPI believes that there is not one way to swing a golf club, we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club. However, we do believe there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club based on what they can physically do.”

There are professional athletes, businessmen and women, politicians, uni students and children. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you are from or your age….

If you play golf you are officially – a golfer!

Most of the time the golf bug sneaks up on people. I have met AFL athletes who are so driven in their own sport yet are obsessed with golf and can’t stop thinking about the 6 foot putt they missed to win the money last Thursday.

I have met NFL Quarterbacks whose team won on the weekend yet fist pumps more from the fact that his handicap came in one stroke.

I have seen the businessman that has rescheduled his high priority meeting so that he can fit in a half hour lesson with his club pro.

I see kids running from the bus to win the putting comp with the other juniors at the club prior to homework time.

Golfers are everywhere and no matter who they are or where they are from once you catch the bug, it is hard to find the antidote.

Over the years I have been a member of Golf Clubs, been a caddy on tour and played in amateur tournaments, I have experienced a lot of different views on what a golfer looks, sounds and eats like.

The truth is, the following misconceptions are stemmed from non-golfers:

1) Golfers can be unfit and immobile and still perform at their best

Anyone that has taken an interest in golf since the early 90’s can see the progression of what the ideal golfer ‘looks’ like. We have visions of plad pants and plus fours (Knee high socks tucked into their pants), cigar smoking fat cats who think they have a superior social status.

“It’s a rich man’s game”, “Golfers are fat” and my personal favourite “Golf requires goofy pants and a fat a**.” The progression evolved from Tiger Woods. Like him or not, he changed the game, he changed the appearance, he forced equipment restrictions, course lengthening (Tiger Tees) and he also changed the requirement to get fitter, more flexible and stronger. Power = distance, and he had them in spades. Keep up or get left behind was the way of the PGA Tour heading into the 21st Century and the next decade will be even greater.

2) Golfers cant improve though physical training

Fast forward 20 years.

12 out of the last 16 major winners have TPI Certified trainers. Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson look like they should be playing Basketball or AFL Footy, rather than walking around a golf course due to their incredible athleticism. Those same players, among others, spend hours in the gym, they have grown obsessed by it. If you need proof, Rory McIlroys Instagram page boasts dozens of pictures and videos exercising to elite strength and power levels. My personal favourite is of him squatting in excess of 100kgs+ during the week of a tournament.

This video split the golfing media, some calling it stupid, others applauding his dedication to his body. Its conversations like this that are changing the way we think of golfers as athletes. Of course there are the few exceptions to this as there are unique body types that actually move quite well but do not have the physique of Adam Scott.

3) Golf is an Individual sport

There is so much support that surrounds us today in the sporting industry. Whether it be through strength & conditioning, medical professionals or golf coaching it isn’t hard to create a team around you that will increase accountability or structure to your golfing goals. Whether you are a weekend hacker, a junior or an elite level player – you WANT to get better!! Rarely are you satisfied with where you are at? Your body has limitations and it is through proper screening and diagnosis that we as a team, can improve your swing – to help you improve.

I have used Professionals as examples through this blog, only because everybody knows them. The truth is, the men and women you don’t know, who have dropped 5 strokes off their 15 handicap are the ones who are changing the face of golf. If someone can go and buy the same set of golf clubs as Rory McIlroy in search for improvement, why can’t they invest in a more efficient piece of equipment just like the Pro’s do… Their bodies.

Mark Gledhill – Golf Performance Manager.