I have had some good conversations with people this week about supplements and whether or not they work.

Its an area that needs to be addressed because as of late the supplement industry has been put under a lot of fire in regards to what they are actually putting in the products themselves.

The most common reason why people take supplements is because they are presented as something that will give us a fast result. Whether thats fat loss or muscle gain, whatever.

Let me start by saving you heaps of time and money and say that there are only really a couple of supplements that are effective. They are:

• Whey Protein Powder/EAA(Essential Amino Acids) – Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis, muscle growth and recovery.
• Creatine Monohydrate- Promotes increased energy during heavy lifting and high intensity exercise, muscle growth and strength.
• Water – Overall hydration and performance.
• Caffeine – Increased Energy, Performance and Endurance.

Sure, there are other supplements that do have an effect on sport performance, but the ones listed above are the ones that have been tested and trialled the most so there is enough data to support their effects. Others that the media and companies claim to work have either little to not enough research data or plain and simply just do not work.

However, most of these supplements will not work or have their full effect if you are not already nailing your nutrition and training.

Supplements are there because they are exactly that. Supplements. You will hear so many things in the media saying take this to lose fat instantly or use this daily to increase your performance by 50%. Please understand that this is all a marketing stunt. Theyre just trying to suck you in to make money.

The number one product that people fall into the trap of buying is, yes you guessed it, FAT BURNERS. Guys, these do not work and are a waste of your money. You are better off spending your money on real food that will actually get you results.

Look, supplements are exciting and may or may not work depending on your current nutrition and training status, but if I can leave you with this one but of advice, it is this:

If you are looking to improve your performance in life, the gym or in your respective sports, before you look at taking the supplements ive claimed to have enough data and research backing their effectiveness, please go and sit down with a professional who can tell you if you are in a position to even look at taking any of them.

My philosophy is that if you are on point with your training and nutrition and youre struggling to get in enough protein into your diet for example, then taking a whey protein supplement would be extremely beneficial. But if youre already getting enough from your food then why do you need it?

Get the right advice guys and dont get sucked into wasting your money for something that tells you will be a quick fix. Thats never the case and will always be that way.

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