When the social outings are increased, the festive season arrives or it is birthday galore temptations to over-eat and under train are at high risk!

By all means, treat yourself and indulge on Christmas day or Easter Sunday as it is a great reward for effort but once it is over – get back on track with your training as it is the easiest way to reinforce nutritional habits immediately!

If consistency is the key to building your body and losing fat, then what is the key to consistency?


Those who have their routine set have self-control & discipline to not skip workouts and not eat buckets of unnecessary calories every day. Exercise and diet continually gratify one another when done in a consistent way. Those once perceived ‘barriers’ will soon become nothing.

So, how do you turn on the self-control button?

The answer is that there is NO BUTTON!

The more discipline and self-restraint you display in one area of your life, the more likely that effect will spill over into other areas of your life.

Researchers think that exercise alters parts of the brain that involve decision making and higher-level thinking.

Get those portions of your brain more “trained” and you will improve your impulse control.

Boost your impulse control and you’ll be able to resist the extra crackling and the leftover Christmas pudding on Boxing Day, the extra slices of pizza on a Friday Night OR the 2AM Maccas run!


Starting or enhancing your exercise program will increase your control on your diet. Simply by starting an exercise program, you will improve your nutritional habits. It becomes a positive cycle instead of a vicious negative one which will enhance overall health & wellbeing.

The solution might be to tighten up and improve your workout planning. You’re getting your exercise in and reaping some of the self-control benefits but you’d reap more benefits by having a set workout and structured training program. For example, schedule the days you train, the time you go, the exercises you do and how you progress from week to week.

Here comes the positive cycle again – the more control and discipline you exhibit in the gym, the more self-control and restraint you’ll experience in the kitchen.

It’s not just a spillover effect, but a crossover effect: self-control in one area bleeds over into the other area.

Control your eating and you’ll build training consistency. Control your workout consistency and you’ll build healthier, more consistent eating habits.

The more structure you have with this the greater your work productivity, family life and overall mood will be.


The barrier to fat loss for most – has little to do with education – OFTEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

It’s almost ALWAYS about being accountable for your actions.

So you know what to do…