This week we are focusing on getting the basics RIGHT with your week and training. There are many fads and miracles that are constantly being released so that people can find ‘quick fix’ solutions. Unfortunately, this doesn’t often lead to a sustainable outcome. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel….

Get the basics right….

1. Warm Up & Activate.

The most simple thing to do is a warm – up but so many people come up with reasons to avoid this.

It takes 5 minutes and will save you more time later as well as enhance results during the upcoming training session.

Benefits of a warm-up:

– Increases Heart Rate & Body Temperature
– Directs blood flow and oxygen to the working muscles.
– Prepares the body for the Range of Motion that you will experience during your session.
– Reduces the chance of injury.
– Activations enhance your neural drive to the working muscle producing greater strength.
– Enhances Psychological Preparation.

2. Foam Roll Daily

Regularly using a Foam Roller offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. I believe you should try to do 10-15 minutes every day.

Benefits of foam rolling:

– Prevents injury & helps you to recover faster.
– Breaks up scar tissue from previous injury or previous workouts.
– Enhances mobility and flexibility
– Flushes out lactate remaining in the muscles from previous workouts.

Other benefits:

– Saves Money on Massage Therapists.
– Can be used as a basic workout tool to get moving.
– Should be used by office workers too.

Check out our Foam Rolling 101 video here:

3. Plan your training

We highly advise to have your program planned monthly but also writing in your weekly training times and dates keeps you a hell of a lot more accountable to completing the task.

Benefits of Planning:

– Allows you to set training focus points i.e.: size, strength, power, fat loss for that period.
– Allows you to manage your training load as well as progressively overloading your sessions.
– Allows you to know what you are doing in the gym instead of wasting time trying to create a workout in your head.
– Enhances accountability: the second you have something written down and locked in the % of you doing the session is drastically increased.
– Tracks how many sessions you have done and whether it is working for you.

Check out our video of overtraining and how planning helps prevent this:

4. Pre and post testing

Constantly Pre and post-testing is essential for progression otherwise you may never realise you are actually improving OR alternatively going backward.

At TrainingwithMates every 6 weeks we perform maximal strength and endurance tests, complete scans that highlight body fat, weight and other body composition changes, take photos and conduct feedback surveys to see what does and doesn’t work.

Benefits of Testing
– Tracks progression or regression.
– Provides feedback for program modification and design.
– Compares yourself to norms and people of similar abilities.
– Provides feedback on your body type.
– Provides coaches with information on how you are performing outside of their control

Check out the video on how to create accountability to your training:

5. Prepare your food.

Preparing your food is one of the easiest things to do yet people constantly come up with excuses not to. We always recommend preparing for at least 3-4 days of a 5 day week and the day that generally suits best would be a Sunday leading up to the week. Just remember if you over prepare… just freeze your meals to save for later!

Benefits of Preparing your food:
– Saves Time & Money.
– Prevents Poor Food Choices during the week.
– Keeps you accountable to the food plan and eating more regularly.
– The regularity of meals enhances energy.

Check out the blog on how to eat healthy on a budget:

Get the basics right this Summer for MAXIMUM results.

Daniel Maitland