“Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Extremely beneficial, these relationships are essential to many organisms and provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together.” This is relevant to mateship and social support.

An alligator and a bird’s symbiotic relationship is mutualism. The alligator gets its teeth cleaned by the bird. The bird gets its food from the alligator. Although animalistic – this is social support and will increase motivation to help one another.

MATESHIP can have this mutualism effect. Training with someone who pushes you and increases your accountability, motivation and most importantly, makes exercise more enjoyable.

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We all have mates that make you feel good. We all have mates that you make feel good. They push you and we all have mates that you push.

There are mates that lack support…

And we also have mates that need to take control of their health and well being…


DO YOU HAVE A MATE WHO YOU THINK YOU COULD IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH AND FITNESS MOTIVATION? As they could definitely help your journey along the way.

If you do, then please let us support them. Pass on their name and number if you think that they can benefit as much as you have with increased motivation, accountability and social support.

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A simple discovery call might just create the awareness they need.
Remember… you can benefit as much as them with increased support and accountability!
Some people just need the push.

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P.S Have you heard about our small group training in Cheltenham? This is where you get the opportunity to train with like-minded people in a fun and supportive environment. We run small group classes where individuals meet strangers that will soon become another form of social support.